Available in cream and white
6 pcs each colour
3 metres
$80.00 ea (incl. stand)


Colours: white, pink, black, maroon, blue, shocking pink,
turquoise, purple, orange, yellow-gold

10 of each
5 metres
$12.00 each

Bamboo poles

For floral arrangements

Large entrance pots

For floral arrangements
2x brown & 2x white available
$75.00 each (pot only)

Champagne Buckets & Silver Ice Buckets

10 Champagne Buckets
3 pcs large ice buckets

Bali printed umbrellas

Available in two sizes 2mtr & 1.5mtr
2 pcs x 1.5mtr  :  1x 2mtr
$75.00 & $80.00

Large Wooden Platters

Assorted sizes and shapes
$10.00 each

Matts (woven)

Brown woven matts with dark trim (for use on grass where you can peg the corners)
15 pcs
2 x 4 metres ( approx)
$25.00 ea

Round poufs

4pcs available in this Natural colour
$19.00 each