Wooden Furniture

Aman large lounge furniture

6 pcs
800W x 300H x 2400L

Aman medium lounge furniture

12 pcs

800W x 300H x 2000L


Day bed (wooden base)

Large or medium lounge without arms or back attached

Ottoman stool

60 pcs

400W x 400L


Low table

24 pcs

600W x 450H x 1000L


Low table with cushion

Low table with cushion (avail in black or white)

4 pcs

$10.00 (cushion only)

Bookcase/Bar Unit

4 pcs

800W x 2000H x 600D



4 pcs – available now in brown & black (as above) or cream & brown

660W x 1000L


Bar set up

This photo includes bar units & overlays


Bar set up

This photo includes the 4 pcs of bar unit, upright tables & overlays


Wooden dining table (trestle)

Stunning trestle table make of recycled teak  with a dark walnut finish

2 pcs

2.4m x 1100


Wooden dining tables

Stunning dining tables made of recycled teak with dark walnut finish


2400 x 1100


Amber lounge

2 pcs

800W x 2000L

$180.00 ea

Amber low table

2 pcs

1000W x 800H

$40.00 ea

Amber stool

8 pcs

500H x 600W

$20.00 ea

Amber spoke chair

4 pcs

$30.00 ea (includes cushion)


Amber bar leaner

8 pcs

1000H x 600W

$68.00 ea

Amber bar leaner - black cover

Black cover for Amber bar leaner

$10.00 ea